20140817_22.24.57We’ve been together for 23 yrs today. I’ll be 43 next month and Jesus will be 49 in December. We’ve been through plenty in the past few years, due to me being injured at work. I had lumbar spine surgery in 1997 and was doing wonderfully until October 4th when I was involved in an automobile accident. Since then, my spine has progressively gotten worse. I was disabled by SSA in 1999 after fighting for almost 2 yrs. In 2002 we bought our own home, which is a studio in the Eastern Shores area of North Miami Beach. When we bought our condo we did what we could legally to protect ourselves by putting the deed in both names as 50%-50% owners, which is really the only protection we have in Florida where we’ve lived our entire lives. We’re counting on the Florida Supreme Court to give us our civil privileges and equal rights to get married, which will give us additional protection under the law, or so we hope so. In the meantime we sit and wait until that day comes so we can run to the court house nearby and finally get hitched! All we know is that love is love. We deserve our Equal Rights in Florida where we’ve lived in our entire lives. Thank you for reading our story and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.