I grew up in a southern Baptist home. We were a traditional family from the outside. I was a toddler and then my brother and sister made us a complete family devoted to the church. My mom met a woman who belonged to the congregation and once they began seeing each other, as they were both “happily married”, things changed. The church shunned them. My mom was asked by the preacher to go to the front of the church and publicly apologize. She understandably, refused. This, however, is not my story but hers. My story is different but also the same. I was a mama’s girl completely. I was so young and I didn’t understand any of it and the little bit that I did, I didn’t care. My dad thought that he could “save” me. He and his new wife ripped me from my home. I was subject to abuse and constant reminding of my mother being a sinner and that she was on a path to hell. The judge in Alabama in the 90’s agreed, I guess. They received custody and I could only see her every other weekend. I have heard such things as, “they” are all sinning fornicators, perverts and that I would in fact be gay. Well, here I stand, 26 years old, married, in love with a man. I am also envious. My mom and her girlfriend have been together for 23 years. They are amazing. They fight and bicker but they are soul mates. I love Bobbie, my mom’s girlfriend like a parent, because that’s what she is. I celebrate Father’s Day with her. She supported me in every decision I ever made. She fought alongside my mom to get me back in their home after the terrible life I had at my dads house. I look at them now. They wake up, go to work, even support my sister’s child. They do everything and more. My mom recently lost her job. She worked there for 19 years. She gave them total devotion and they returned none. They let her go. Bobbie is in a union and has benefits and they are wonderful. They will recognize a marriage from any legal state. However, Florida doesn’t give them that option. They have to leave their home. Where they raised us and memories were made. Where everything is. When people say that they don’t care whatever people do but don’t necessarily agree, it doesn’t make them anymore of a good guy. They are still ignoring the issue. There isn’t a morally gray area. You can’t decide that its not your business. This is about human rights. This is not an opinion or something that you have to take up with your own god. This is what every living being has a right to. The right to say I do to the person that they love. Thank you so much for what you are doing. It means so much to my family.