Arlene & Carol, Fort Myers

love3Carol and I met when we were just 13 years old in the Bronx, New York. While we were just friends, during our teen years, there was always something special between us. When we turned 20 we knew we were in love and here we are 46 years later still together loving each other even deeper.

We stayed ” in the closet” during many of those years as being in a same sex relationship was not something that you told to everyone. So life was hard for us during those years….hiding our love from our family, friends and peers at work.

This coming October we will celebrate our two year anniversary after traveling to New York to get married. Why did we want to marry? Because we love, respect and honor each other and always have during our 46 years together. Because we are not eligible to enjoy the benefits that are due to us as a married couple. There is no logical reason we should not have been married and there is also no logical reason our marriage should not be recognized here in Florida and by the federal government.

We will both work with Equality Florida to ensure this, that has always been a dream of ours, becomes a reality.